February 3, 2013

Welcome to Black History Month at Garden of Praise. We have some new offerings we hope will be of value to you and your students.

To help you plan your activities for Black History Month we have organized the 19 biographies which feature the accomplishments of notable blacks such as Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass and others. You will find all the resources you need to create interesting lessons for your students.

Henrietta Lacks was a black woman who died of cancer in 1951. When scientists began research with her tissue they discovered the cells did not die, even though cells in the lab generally died after a short while. Using these "immortal" cells Jonas Salk developed polio vaccine, experiments in space were done, and many advances were made in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Rebecca Skloot wrote a book about Henrietta in 2009, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks".

Martin Van Buren, the 8th President of the United States was vice-president to Andrew Jackson, then served as president in the years preceding the Civil War. During his term he dealt with the country's economic depression, the question of slavery, and the tragic relocation of the Indians to reservations. He made three attempts to get re-elected as president, but never succeeded.

We have a new page about The Constitution of the United States. Aaaron Schulman and Sylvia Rausch have written a 3-part article called "The Making of the United States Constitution and the Foundation of The US Legal System and Government" .

When you visit Garden of Praise and get to your profile page you will see blue tabs. You will be able to post comments which will be public, or you can contact members directly by email if they have selected that option. You can add pictures (see the "instructions" for doing this). You can find friends, view your classes, or view the results of tests you have given. Over 10,000 people have registered. We would encourage you to add your picture to your profile to make our community a friendly place to visit.

We at Garden of Praise stand ready to help you.

Your friend in education,
Patsy Stevens

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