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The V7 Chord
Thank you so much for explaining C chord V7!! It is so much to learn as a starting adult player and this really helps make sense of it all!
Florence Nightingale
VeRy GoOd SoUrCe To gO To
Ruth's Song
I love these lessons. Thank you so much.
Donna M Garms
I love God because he is wonderful.
Ludwig van Beethoven
Liked it,helpful.
Wilma Rudolph
Tis was VERY halpful!
Song -Bethesda
You are a blessing! Thank you for giving to the Lord thru this work. I hope other Subday School teachers will see these too :) God bless u!
Ruth B. Mapacpac from yhe Philippines
Song of Elijah
Thank you for this ... really accessible for our congregation tomorrow
Thea Wray
Building a Major Chord
Your lessons regarding chords, progressions, triads and the V7 chord are excellent. As a new and not so young music student, I have been tearing my hair out trying to understand the theory for quite some time now and, having just come across your site, I think your lessons have finally given me some clarity. Thank you so very much for your excellent work.
Lou Gehrig
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The Creation
please support with 1$ my bible colorong book.
if you are interested write me back
Bible Stories
Thanks for these materials, they come handy and timely. I use them for my children Bible Club and study materials for my children on Sundays in the church. Thanks sister Stevens. God bless you richly. More grace. SHALOM.
Johnson Odesanya
Abraham Lincoln
if slavery did not end black people would be very sad
Christopher Columbus
thank you for making this
Cesar Chavez
I'm working on this for a project, it is so helpful and long. ENDLESS information all around. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
Free Children's Bible Songs
Praise The Lord beloved sister in Christ.God bless you and your family richly.Its really Great bible story songs for kids.Thank to God.Keep it up your Great work.God continuesly bless all your great work you do for him.Take care.
Alexanderia Jesus
The information is invaluable as an introduction to Galileo. Thank you.
Deborah Sampson
I'm doing a biography on her and I am in fifth grade. This helped a lot! Thanks!
anonymous person guy
Gospel Train - The Life of Christ
I love the idea of this, but it seems strange to me that the cross is under the feast of Tabernacles rather than Passover...??
Hope by George Frederick Watts
I have the good fortune of owning this picture, it's not an oil painting.
My picture is done in a darker color. I would like to know which one was first introduced.
Clemmie Middleton

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