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Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci
Loved it! Thanks for the facts!
Blade Avery
Major Scales
Can you tell me the minor scales please? Mary
If you go to Google search and put in "minor scales" you will find a lot of information about minor scales.

A Highland Funeral by Sir James Guthrie
I remember looking at this painting when I was a child with my dad. We just gazed at it and both of us really took in the painting, the expressions on the faces, particularly what we thought (near the coffin) was the father and son perhaps? Btw, my dad had a sister, Cathy who I never met and she had a daughter called (well hope I'm remembering correctly, from my late mum telling me she had been speaking to someone at a family funeral, called) Zena? :-)
Barbara Rose
Bible Slideshows
Your slideshows have been used in the past to enhance our Sunday School lessons but now we cannot access them. As a Sunday School teacher, I'm very disappointed in this decision.D. Gerbrandt

The Bible Slideshows are still available online at Garden of and Bible Lesson

D. Gerbrandt
The Conversion of Saul
Thank you!
Martin Luther King Jr.
I have a paper due in this class from focus and i can't seem to find something about his brothers and sisters :( not that i need it,but its called____and his sisters and brother couldn't got the park or the movie theater or even ride elevators with white people...( Im in New tech and this is for my focus class ) Thx!
Marie Curie
This is a great website. Thank you!
Free Children's Bible Songs
These are great resources for our children in their Wed. program. Thank you so much.
Mrs. Barb
Wonderful site!!!!!
The Conversion of Saul
Thank you this helped me loads with my Homework.
We use this every morning in our home school class! My children love it thank you for great Bible lessons for children! I searched for a yr.. before I found this!
Water to Wine
God is love
Delsie Mc
Thank you so much for this material. I plan on using the Women of the bible material to teach the girls in Sunday School Class. It is greatly appreciated:)
Ten Lepers
Helped me prepare my sermon today!
Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough
We hav a painting or litho of BLUE BOY,It measures 21-1/2"x 15-1/4'. The ink is very thick. It is about 100-years old or older.It is in a glass and metalfram
Benny Dobrofsky
Yhank you for this wonderful site it has been a great help for me in my sunday school class and not only that class but my children church class as well. GOD BLESS ALL THAT IS PART OF MAKING THESE LESSONS .. THANKS
Mrs. Angela Mcgowan
John Chapman, Johnny Appleseed
Kyra wrote: "but John Chapman planted apples before they had been cultivated into the large, sweet fruits we know today... Johnny Appleseed 's goal was to bring alcohol to the West." Tisk tisk tisk ;), looks like you were convinced by another author of popular history willing to claim anything to make their audience feel like they’re getting scandalous inside information. The truth is those large, sweet varieties of apples were cultivated in Europe long before Columbus & company beached on the shores of America. Since sustenance was a major consideration for the first settlers, they came prepared with seeds, cuttings, and plants from the best European stock, including the big juicy domesticated apples. John Smith was very pleased that these (along with the peaches, apricots, and figs they’d brought) flourished as they planted them in Jamestown, over 100 years before Johnny Appleseed was born ;). As settlers continued to plant areas of apple trees up and down the east coast, they became adept at breeding improved varieties for baking, drying, juicing, or special climates, and some of these became prized for their superior quality by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. (While visiting France, Jefferson even mentioned to Madison that the French had no apples that could compare with the Newton Pippin, a favorite variety developed by Americans). This practice of the settlers planting abundant apple trees, and the versatility of the tree to them (for food, drink, medicine, and the best firewood, all without having to be replanted every year) almost certainly gave Johnny Appleseed his inspiration for helping other undeveloped areas in the same way.
John Chapman, Johnny Appleseed
Unfortunately in 2 of my grandchildren's schools, they left out the part about him being a Christian, spreading the gospel and carrying a Bible. It's a shame that people are rewriting history for their own agenda.
Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci
This is a nice post about The Mona Lisa.
The Last Supper
Bible Stories
Garden of praise you are a blessing,i dont know much about you but i can from what you have done that you truely making a difference.please continue and if there is anyone who can empower me with the things of God,can email me. zambian
edward mulenga

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