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Andrew Jackson
George Washingto was better
Wilbur and Orville Wright
thanks i have a project
John James Audubon
Great Page.
Barack Obama
Can we really believe this biography? This is a man who has different histories depending on the publication you read. He has changed his past to suit his present company.
God's Exquisite Garden Inspirational Bible Lessons
What an awesome author you are and you are a very courageous individual I enjoyed your site. God bless praying for you
Jesus Heals the Centurion's Son
I just found this page and it is wonderful. I was able to supplement my Sunday School story with a word scramble. The kids will love it! Thank you!
Introduction to the Keyboard
good Work, keep it up
Rony M
Song of The Exodus
I love this website! This song (The Exodus) was so moving! Thanks, Mrs. Stevens!
Rosa Parks
A Seat On The Bus For Rosa (In Memorial)

Finally, it’s time to go,
All day I’ve pushed peddles with my feet,
I’ll hurry to the bus stop,
Being sure to get a good seat.

There, a chance to rest,
Home, I’m on my way,
Only to get up tomorrow,
And put in another day.

Photos, questions and fingerprints,
Did I commit a crime?
I distinctly remembered when I boarded,
Dropping in my dime.

Why give up my seat?
After working hard all day,
I thought the fare was the same for all,
Is there more I have to pay?

Don’t they know how hard I’ve worked?
To get this seat I had to rush,
Now you’re going to tell me,
Move to the back of the bus.

Wait, I pay my taxes,
Even go to church and pray,
They do not have the right,
To treat Rosa Parks this way.

I never wanted to start a movement,
Just have a seat on the bus,
Being treated fairly as an American,
Why is everyone making such a fuss?

My name is known throughout the world,
In history books here and there,
It really didn’t have to be me you know,
Just anyone who paid their fare.

And over 50 years later,
An Icon is my name,
I’d gladly do it all again,
Circumstances being the same.

Heaven is my final journey,
Can’t wait till I get there,
Knowing I’m going to enjoy the ride,
I’ve already paid my fare.
Luke Easter
Peter's Escape From Prison
hi there.

i have recently become a sunday school teacher and i beleive that it is so important to plan your lesson according to the type of kids in your class (age, background, etc) and this site has not only given me immense knowlegde but confidence as well to be great teacher. thank you so much for the help and i will definitely visit this site again!
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
Thank you. I am making my journey through the Bible and your sight helps me to understand.
Thank so much for making this website. It's really helpful for the parents and teachers to have ideas and visual materials to teach the kids. It's also interesting for kids to learn Bible from this website.

One thing I concern is that the Slide Show doesn't work and not able to save to desktop.

No, you cannot save the slideshows because they are flash presentations and are made with copyrighted pictures.
You can order a DVD of the 100 Bible Slideshows here: for $39.99 + shipping. If you live outside the United States, postage is considerably higher.

Ten Brothers
Hi Mrs. Stevens,
I am homeschooled and we also home church. When my mom and dad found this website, they knew it was perfect! Everything else they had tried didn't work. Thanks :-)
Ashlyn Murray
Marie Curie
This is a great Website. It helped me out a lot. Thankyou so much!
Noahs Wife
God bless your site to continue blessing my daily life with wisdom and knowledge of the Bible. I truly enjoy what gift God is doing through you. Reading the Bible Stories and doing the test fills my soul with so much love.
stehanie brown
Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci
Thank you very much because of your good webpage.
Song of The Exodus
Imreadingfirst time inmy life these beautiful verses theseareheavenly thankyou
Albert Einstein
I needed a essay for some homework to do but this does not sound like a kid wrote it so this got me no wear your should but subjects that kid's talk about because there's not many sites with those topic like sports,ext

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