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Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough
We hav a painting or litho of BLUE BOY,It measures 21-1/2"x 15-1/4'. The ink is very thick. It is about 100-years old or older.It is in a glass and metalfram
Benny Dobrofsky
Yhank you for this wonderful site it has been a great help for me in my sunday school class and not only that class but my children church class as well. GOD BLESS ALL THAT IS PART OF MAKING THESE LESSONS .. THANKS
Mrs. Angela Mcgowan
John Chapman, Johnny Appleseed
Kyra wrote: "but John Chapman planted apples before they had been cultivated into the large, sweet fruits we know today... Johnny Appleseed 's goal was to bring alcohol to the West." Tisk tisk tisk ;), looks like you were convinced by another author of popular history willing to claim anything to make their audience feel like they’re getting scandalous inside information. The truth is those large, sweet varieties of apples were cultivated in Europe long before Columbus & company beached on the shores of America. Since sustenance was a major consideration for the first settlers, they came prepared with seeds, cuttings, and plants from the best European stock, including the big juicy domesticated apples. John Smith was very pleased that these (along with the peaches, apricots, and figs they’d brought) flourished as they planted them in Jamestown, over 100 years before Johnny Appleseed was born ;). As settlers continued to plant areas of apple trees up and down the east coast, they became adept at breeding improved varieties for baking, drying, juicing, or special climates, and some of these became prized for their superior quality by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. (While visiting France, Jefferson even mentioned to Madison that the French had no apples that could compare with the Newton Pippin, a favorite variety developed by Americans). This practice of the settlers planting abundant apple trees, and the versatility of the tree to them (for food, drink, medicine, and the best firewood, all without having to be replanted every year) almost certainly gave Johnny Appleseed his inspiration for helping other undeveloped areas in the same way.
John Chapman, Johnny Appleseed
Unfortunately in 2 of my grandchildren's schools, they left out the part about him being a Christian, spreading the gospel and carrying a Bible. It's a shame that people are rewriting history for their own agenda.
Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci
This is a nice post about The Mona Lisa.
The Last Supper
Bible Stories
Garden of praise you are a blessing,i dont know much about you but i can from what you have done that you truely making a difference.please continue and if there is anyone who can empower me with the things of God,can email me. zambian
edward mulenga
Introduction to the Keyboard
You have to start somewhere and this seems like a good way to do it , thank you
Armando Rodriguez
Bible Slideshows
I would like to use these pictures for sermons. Is it okay for me to take screenshots of the pictures and use them?
The pictures used in the slideshows are copyrighted by Gospel Services. You can order the DVD of the slideshows if you would like use the pictures.

Bible Stories
Thanks for all the work that you provide for me to give to my class on wednesday night . Thank you for not keeping to self but the bible states freely give and you have live up to that because you are freely given it to those in need of a word to give to others my the FATHER of our LORD bless you agian I say thanks my kids really enjoy and so do I ...
Mrs. Angela Mcgowan
Ten Lepers
Jews and Samaritans were not allowed to mix; neither were lepers and healthy. Jesus cured ten lepers; only one came back to thank him, a Samaritan:-lesson one. Lepers mixed:-lesson two.
sean mcelgunn
Naaman's Song
The song has a tune that is quite easy to learn. There's no kid's tune though. Overall, this is helpful. Thanks and God bless you more! ^^
Song - John the Baptist
Thank you so much for your precious good Bible learning site which will be very good food provided for our precious children and descendants to come~!! God bless this site and cherish it for long~!! Stephanie from Korea
The Gospel Train Pre-Existence of Christ
Thank you for posting this. It's helping us to learn about Jesus. I've learnt a lot about God and Jesus.
ADDIE & Trinen
God Bless the Children
Mrs. Stevens,
Thank you from First Baptist Church of Springfield, Ohio for writing this wonderful song! We are using it during our Children's Sabbath celebration on the 20th. The lyrics are perfect for such an event. Thanks again, and God bless!
Johanna Clausen
Florence Nightingale
hello, I saw many biography about our holy saint nurse madam Florence nightingale but did she write her own autobiography??? if she did write it, what was book title or any other nurses wrote their own autobiography not biography??? sun-hae kim

See the Collected Works of Florence Nightingale.

God Bless the Children
Thank you very much for this wonderful song! My worship team in school will sing this during the blessing for the little children in our Eucharist celebration. God bless you! :)
Helen Keller
good info for my project
Louis Pasteur
this is a fantastic site!
helped a bunch with my project
Wilma Rudolph
Nice site! Good information. Where did you get this info? A book? Another site? Oh, Well. Keep up the good work! If you keep adding, I'll keep comin'! (BTW, I <3 Jesus!)
Anonymous, (Sorry)
Wilma Rudolph
Thanks SO much! This site has rich info, nice touches! keep up the good work!

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